Empowering X Children = Equalizing Learning


Schools have endeavored to adopt programs of “No Child Left Behind" (known now as Every Student Succeeds Act)  — but how can this be when one child has access to the best technology while another child, because of financial constraints, has no computer or internet access outside of school at all?  The solution is for schools to provide an equitable computer system for every child.  
But what about online security?  What can we do to protect children from cyber predators and bullies?  How can we restrict a student’s access to inappropriate sites on the school’s system?  And how can the school provide a safe and secure computing experience that can be accessed anywhere, without overextending an already strained budget?
GOe7 has an economical solution: The Excel initiative (Empowering Children Equalizing Learning).  
By using our Digital Learning Key (DLK) — a simple, patent-pending and ground-breaking flash drive that can be inserted into a donated or inexpensive laptop — students can gain instant access to a school’s computer system.
Each student will be issued their own DLK, allowing them safe and regulated access to the school’s library of computer programs and approved websites.  When the DLK is removed, there is no trace of the computer session.  This is because the session was not actually performed on the child’s own computer, but instead contained in the key.  The host computer doesn't need a hard drive.

The DLK has a built-in, patent-pending web server where parts of all of a website contents can be downloaded into the Key, making offline learning possible!  That's right.  No internet connection is needed since all learning contents of the main website is reflected into the Key.
Parents will love that computing done with a child’s DLK poses no risk to their own computer.  Even when a child is studying at a friend's house or at the library, they can insert their DLK for instant access to the school’s computer.  This means no more having to configure their system like emailing their assignments somewhere else!  Just plug and go!  It's the ultimate BYOD or Bring Your Own Device.

The Excel Initiative levels the digital playing field by providing students with cost-efficient access to the same technology, ensuring an equal opportunity to learn, to improve, and to succeed.

Teachers will also be able to download their own educational programs, worksheets, and lessons for access by their students, wherever they are, year after year.  It can be easily packaged and replicated for each student.  Again, just plug and go.  No more fussing, installing and updating.
This year, we are starting our first pilot program of The Excel Initiative in schools.  It is GOe7's mission to provide a safe and equitable computing experience for all students, everywhere.
No child should be left behind for lack of technological access.  Please join us in our mission.  Contact us today to see what we can do for your students.


Through the use of innovative technology and education, GOe7 secures and protects our clients’ digital lives.
The Digital Learning Key (DLK) is state-of-the-art technology that offers zero footprint computing.  This patent pending technology will change the way people use their computers.  Your digital presence will no longer be tethered to a single device; instead it will be with you at all times.  This not only offers ease-of-use but also increases security, compliance, uniformity and protection.

Our clients can plug the Digital Learning Key into any computer for remote access to their own computers with zero configuration.  When the key is removed, no trace of the session remains. This is because the session was performed on the client’s own computer through the DLK, ensuring safe and secure computing.  If the computer crashes, no problem; just plug the DLK into a new computer and instantly your system is restored! If the Digital Learning Key is lost or stolen, your data is safe because it is encrypted and virtually impenetrable. Another DLK can be securely created through the online system, making reconstruction and replication very easy.  
GOe7 empowers our clients by providing education about the systems best suited for an optimum computing experience.  A learning experience for students can be created ahead of time to just plug into their computers and start from there.  No installation fuss, configuration nightmares and security holes.   

This unprecedented technology has so many possible applications.  
GOe7 will soon be starting our first pilot programs to help educators provide safe and equitable computing for all their students.  Children will all have access to the best computer technology regardless of family income.  With the DLK technology, schools can load their computer systems onto the keys for use on a student’s donated, retired, or inexpensive laptop or desktop.  This provides every student with access to the same technology while allowing schools to regulate policies such as censored web sites.

Our technology experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions and assist with your computing needs.