Professional Photographers

There are so many priceless moments that photographers capture. Love's first kiss as husband and wife, baby's first toothless smile, or that long walk across that graduation stage that takes a son or daughter from those last steps of childhood to the start of adulthood.  These moments are once-in-a lifetime moments, that can't be recaptured if they are lost because of a corrupt or malfunctioning card or device.

GOe7 Technologies Pro Photographer System: 

GOe7 offers storage solutions for pro photographers, so they can stay "focused" on capturing every perfect moment, that become digital memories.  GOe7 offers security, reliability, control, and preservation of your business and your client's precious memories.

  1. Ultra Portable 1 TB RAID USB Drives. Double your peace of mind!
  2. Prepare and immunize your system for rapid recovery from disasters.  Recover in hours, not days in the event of hard drive crash.
  3. Program Diagnostics to eliminate faulty and/or imminent device failure such as Hard Drives, CF and SD Cards.
  4. Personal Cloud and WiFi Power: on-the-go, personal storage, in-the-field-backup-your-photos using your smartphone.
  5. Certified CF and SD cards (beware of knockoffs!)
  6. Offsite fast upload and storage of large files or data by a specialist using our secured and encrypted Geo-redundant data backup
  7. Reliable, secure, and long term archive storage that includes encryption of Digital Assets with encryption keys kept and known only by client.
  8. Computer tools and personal tech support.
  9. Personal and tailored solutions for professionals.
  10. And more.